The 2nd International Conference on Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Education and Finance (ICEBEF) 


  1. All authors should be involved in the video presentation. 
  2. Video presentation should be recorded in landscape mode using the camera with high quality (HD/ High Definitions).
  3. Author should take video at convenient room, free space from background noise or any disturbenaces. 
  4. Video format: mpeg, mp4, or mov.
  5. Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  6. Ratio 16:9.
  7. The proportion of the subject in the video should show the face to the chest, not too close or far away.
  8. Lighting should be prepared well (No backlight).
  9. It is recommended to use clips on/ mic headsets for clearer audio results.
  10.  Video files are written with author names with initial capital letters.
  11. The duration of video presentation should be 10 minutes long
  12. Video presentation could start with opening, content presentation, and closing.
  13. The author can send videopresentation via the following email address : or upload via following drive link: 




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